March 13, 2022

Chicago’s Top Grossing Restaurants at the Start of the Pandemic

By Stefanie Bachta

In 2020, only months into the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants, stores, shopping centers, and more were failing to produce profits to stay afloat. 168 restaurants had to close because of the challenging times they were facing. While some restaurants had to permanently close, others closed temporarily. But even during this difficult time, Chicago claimed 18 of the 100 highest-grossing restaurants in the United States.

The Gibson Restaurant group grossed $86.3 million in 2020 with locations in Chicago and neighboring cities. After Chicago saw so many restaurants close in the midst of the pandemic, Gibsons continude thriving. The restaurant maintained business during the COVID-19 pandemic by respecting mask guidelines, temperature checks took place prior to customer entry, small groups were allowed to be seated together, no cash payments, carryout and more.

Part of the reason all six of these restaurants stayed open were precautionary measures, following COVID-19 guidelines to keep the city, staff, and its restaurant-goers safe. Restaurants such as Maple & Ash are having staff COVID-19 testing bi-weekly and are still wearing masks.

Chicago restaurant graphic

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