March 16, 2022

CTA Ridership Picking up After Dropping During Pandemic

By Karlie Sanchez

Although Chicago Transit Authority trains were still running during the pandemic, many people stopped riding them due to various factors such as working from home, online learning, public health and safety precautions.

The Red, Orange and Blue lines all show a large increase in ride entries. Many Chicago residents returned to their offices, schools and typical day-to-day activities in the last year. On weekdays, those with travel plans heading towards O’Hare had an average of 37,401 riders.

Last year, the average was 16,346. The Orange Line inbound to the Loop has an average of 28, 260 riders during the week. Last year, the average was 10,425. The Orange Line gets people from Midway Airport and the South Side to the Loop, with access to many offices, schools and businesses.

The Green and Pink lines also had an increase in riders, just not as big as the other CTA lines. The southbound Green Line had an average of 3,880 riders. Last year, the average was 2,370. The Pink line averaged 9,167 riders, and last year it was 5,642.

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