About the Red Line Project

The Red Line Project was founded by Mike Reilley in January 2011 and is updated by students in Reilley’s UIC journalism classes. The site covers news and urban issues in Chicago neighborhoods through the lens of data reporting, multimedia, social media and mobile reporting. The site has won more than 65 national, regional and local awards.

In March 2022, the Red Line Project moved from its .org location to RedLineProject.news and underwent a major redesign by Billy O’Keefe and Mike Reilley. The new design better highlights the data visualizations and multimedia and provides a better user experience on desktop, laptop and mobile. Disqus comments were added to the bottom of each story page along with a new special projects section.

For more about how ethics drive our reporting, see our principles and policies page, which was featured in this case study by Trusting News.

If you would like to use or aggregate content on this site, please follow the guidelines in our Creative Commons 3.0 Unported License.

This site is not affiliated with the Chicago Transit Authority or the CBS series The Red Line.

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Fall 2022 Advanced Data Reporters

Fall 2022 Data Reporters  

Fall 2022 Digital Reporters

Spring 2022 Advanced Data Reporters

Spring 2022 Data Reporters

Spring 2022 Digital Reporters

Fall 2021 Advanced Data Reporters

Fall 2021 Data Reporters

Fall 2021 Digital Reporters

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