April 4, 2023

Social Media Coverage: Posts from the 2023 Chicago Runoff Elections for Mayor and Alderman

By Staff

While Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson square off in the Chicago mayoral runoff election, several aldermanic races will also be decided during Tuesday’s election. Here are highlights from social media coverage from Red Line Project reporters, other media outlets, the Chicago Board of Elections and the campaigns.

Slideshow: Highlights from the runoff events

Previous coverage: Feb. 28 general elections and runoff preview stories

Mayor’s Race

After trailing early, Brandon Johnson has overtaken Paul Vallas in the race for Chicago mayor. Vallas had a 13 percentage point lead in the Feb. 28 municipal election.

Aldermanic Races: 46th and 11th Wards

Nicole Lee claims victory in the 11th Ward, Chicago’s first Asian American ward. Angela Clay claims victory in the 46th Ward over Kim Walz.

Election Day Notes and Voter Turnout

The severe thunderstorms that swept through Chicago early in the afternoon caused a slight dip in voter turnout. Numbers through late afternoon show turnout on par with Feb. 28 elections. Stay tuned …

For Fun

Five Thirty Eight decided to parachute into Chicago with a look at voting by neighborhoods as part of an election preview package. Chicagoans and the media didn’t react well. And when it comes to mayors, one voter thinks size matters …

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