October 26, 2022

Analyzing Race Populations in the Five Largest American Cities

By Steven Perez

The United States is a “melting pot” of cultures and this blend of cultures makes it a very diverse country. This is evident in the analysis of the demographics of the five largest cities in America. The three largest ethnicities in the country are White, Hispanic, and Black, and in three of the five cities, Hispanic is the dominant ethnicity percentage-wise. This is a very interesting observation that provides evidence that the United States is becoming very diverse.

This shift in population demographics is a healthy sign for the country. More diversity means an ever-growing expansion of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that can blend together to enrichen our culture.

Chicago and New York City are the most diverse cities out of the five largest cities in America. Both of these cities have an almost equal representation of the three major ethnicities in the United States: White, Black and Hispanic.

However, the largest cities located in the Southwest, such as Los Angeles, Houston, and Phoenix are predominately Hispanic and White. Hispanic is the largest ethnicity by percentage in each of these cities. In Los Angeles, almost 50% of the population is Hispanic.

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