November 7, 2022

Map: Find Affordable Rental Housing Developments in Chicago

By Mariah Martinez

The city of Chicago’s rent and housing prices has changed throughout the years. When the global pandemic hit, many citizens were out of a job and could no longer afford to live in their own homes.

Since the global pandemic, many states are recovering and have tried adjusting to the new norm. Prices have gone up in food and housing. According to, the average price of renting an apartment is between $1,357 to $2,322 in Chicago.

Now that prices have skyrocketed, landlords have adjusted their rent prices and have them effective immediately. Based on the area a person lives in, the prices for housing and rent will vary.

Chicago citizens and other states are struggling to afford housing and rent. Chicago has a free website where people can search for renters and more. The website provides information based on what fits the person’s budget.

Many other organizations will help people find affordable housing. The Resurrection Project is a non-profit organization located in Pilsen. They assist community members in the southwest side of Chicago.

The Chicago data portal provides information from 2013 to 2022. It shows property types and names. So the person can determine what fits their needs. They also provided community area names, addresses, and property managers.

The purpose of affordable rental housing is to help community members get back on their feet. When looking for a new community to live there are several things to look for. People are looking for easy access to transportation, improving their finances, and affordable housing.

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