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The Youth and System That Contribute to Chicago’s Rise in Carjackings

In March 2024 alone, there were almost 100 reported carjackings in Chicago, according to Chicago Police Department data. Among many arrested are youth under age 18.

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Data: Chicago Has Unequal Distribution of Speed Cameras

The city's controversial speed camera program has taken a beating in the media and the public. Our data analysis shows heavier distribution in certain low-income neighborhoods.

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Chicago Arson Cases Increase in 2023; Could It Rise in 2024?

Arson cases increased by nearly 22 percent over the past two years in Chicago, yet only a handful of arrests have been made, data show. Could it rise in 2024?

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Rape Kit Backlog: Trauma, the Untested and Advocacy 

CPD says the expected wait time for processing kits at a state laboratory is about 270 days, but survivors have been told the wait can be up to two years.

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Albany Park Residents Fear Increasing Violence in the Neighborhood

Theft, burglary and aggravated battery crimes have increased in Chicago, and the quiet Northwest side neighborhood of Albany Park is not immune.

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Chicago Carjackings Continue to Rise During the Pandemic 

Chicago had a 31% increase in carjackings in just one year following the start of the pandemic, between 2020 and 2021. The city's numbers are higher than every other large city.

Graphic: How are Police Sentiment Scores calculated?

Analyzing CPD Sentiment Scores in the City

After the murder of George Floyd in 2020, cities around the country erupted into protests against police misconduct and brutality.