November 9, 2022

Duckworth Reelected to U.S. Senate in Big Win Over Salvi

By AJ Castaneda

Tammy Duckworth photo

Tammy Duckworth celebrates on stage with her family. (Photo/AJ Castaneda)

U.S Senator Tammy Duckworth won her reelection for U.S Senate of Illinois on Tuesday night, easily beating Republican nominee Kathy Salvi.

By late Tuesday night, Duckworth had won with 2,140,319 votes, 56.2% of the vote to Salvi’s 42.1%.

Duckworth held her election night event at the Adler Planetarium and told the gathered crowd, “I will never stop fighting to better this state that we all love.”

“I know there are still some folks seeking to sow seeds of division among us, and I know that we’re a union that, yes at times, has been anything but united,” she said. “But the miracle of America is that when it looks like those worst instincts are set to prevail, we come together and we resist those instincts. We refuse to give to that darkness. Black, White, Asian, Latino, Gay, Straight, Transgender, you name it, we march. We speak out. We remember that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. That we are the change that we seek, as a certain other Illinoisan who used to hold my Senate seat once said.

“We believe that the impossible can happen to any of us. That if you work hard, this nation will give you the opportunity to do anything you want. That even if you grew up hungry and nearly homeless like I did, you can rise, rise, rise.”

Her lavish election night event was well-attended and included free food, parking, drinks, gifts, and art around the Adler Planetarium that was being sold by the artist Emilio Reyes.

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